Western Pines Middle School–Carats Had a BLAST!

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

Western Pines Middle School 8th graders were in for a real treat as the Carats from the Five Carat Choice Program at PBL took a long trek to participate in their mini Choice showcase on November 2. The PBL Choice Coordinator, Mrs. Hands, was accompanied by some the academies’ best–Jayden Sparkman (Law), Danika Belizaire (Medical), Kimona Harvey (MCJROTC), and Mekhi Porter (Fire). They were a coordinator’s dream! For those who missed the opportunity to hear all about the Choice programs at Lakes, interested students can visit the school’s website (pblh.palmbeachschools.org) under the “School Info” tab. There they can learn about each academy. For more information, students can sign up for a Five Carat tour at https://forms.gle/1e3LGC3x8RkRC3fz5