CARE Day in Lakes Law!

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

It is a tradition that, each year, Law Carats prepare their academy classroom, courtroom, and other spaces for the school year–2022-2023 is no different! Dr. Freeman has brought back the Law Academy’s CARE Day. It is an acronym that stands for “Clean And Repair Everything.” That is just what the members of the academy have been doing for the past two weeks. Their dedication to the appearance of their classroom courtroom is commendable (under the direction and instruction of their new Law teacher–Dr. Freeman). With tour dates quickly approaching, Dr. Freeman wants to be sure that her academy makes an impeccable impression with the prospective Law Carats (C/O 2027). CARE Day takes place regularly in the academy, so students in the academy have ample opportunities to participate and to put their personal stamp on the project. The energy in Law is absolutely TOPS! Thanks, Carats, for CARing about your academy!