Marksmanship Competition


Jonathan Oakley, MSgt., MCJROTC Instructor

On January 29, the Lakes Marksmanship team participated in a shoulder-to-shoulder shooting match at Atlantic High School.  This competition included 50 competitors from 11 teams and 6 schools.  The Lakes team performed well as all five shooters (four best scores counted towards team total) shot above 200 (out of 300).  Cadet Sergeant Angel Garcia shot the highest score ever for a Lakes shooter at 259 and placed fifth overall.  Cadets Isabella Vaccaro, Jarelis Garcia, Mariam Harris, and John Arguello-Severo all performed well placing 15, 16, 18, and 28th.  In addition, Cadet First Lieutenant Vaccaro shot the fourth best prone score with a 97.4 (out of 100).  Cadet Sergeant Angel Garcia fired the fifth best standing with a 79.7 and the third best kneeling with a 88.8.  Overall the team shot a 947.6, the highest total for a Lakes team in competition ever!  Congratulations to all of the cadets on a job well done! This team will break multiple records in future competitions as they get ready to host a Palm Beach County Postal competition in April.