Lakes Medical on Display for ACADEMY WEEK!


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

During the Five Carat Choice Program’s Academy Celebration Week, each academy had the chance to celebrate its own academy. The Medical Academy created fun activities for the students at Lakes to participate in during their lunch break. Students were able to get a taste of what goes on in the Medical Academy, as they were able to learn techniques such as how to check a person’s vitals. They were also able to see demonstrations from the medical students on how to perform hands-only CPR on a CPR training mannequin. Throughout the week, PBL academies participated in friendly challenges. It wasn’t all for nothing:¬† The academies garnered the interest of some 9th grade Rams who are not already in an academy. Also, Lakes Medical took the cake as it won the Academy Week “Spirit Challenge”! Congratulations to the Medical¬† Academy for providing an incredibly informative and enjoyable day for all!!