Fire Academy Celebration Day Was HOTTTT!

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

The Fire Academy really came in sizzling hot, showing out for this Five Carat Choice Academy Celebration Week. The celebration week showcased all of the PBL academies for interested 9th graders who may want to apply, while simultaneously allowing current Carats to bond with one another.  The Fire Academy created a fun atmosphere with its obstacle course consisting of tasks often performed in the academy such and rolling out a fire hose and putting out fires (simulation exercise). Many students had fun participating in the academy’s events, so it was a huge success.

Academy Celebration Week was two-fold: On one hand, it was a fun way to showcase the programs, but on the other hand, it served as a friendly competition among the six PBL academies to see which academy could ROCK THE ACADEMY the best. Because all of the academies did such an amazing job, it was difficult to select only ONE winner. The Fire Academy really showed what they’re made of and was one of two winners in this friendly Five Carat Choice Program Challenge.  Way to go, Fire Academy (Cadets and Instructors) for going above and beyond to become an Academy Day Challenge Winner!