Pumpkin Carving in Biotechnology!

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

Homecoming 2021 was a busy week for every Ram on campus. Not only were there dress up days, lunch competitions, powder puff activities, and of course, the game and the dance, but there was also dissections in the Biotechnology! The students were given the opportunity to use essential tools from the medical and the biomedical fields on pumpkins–the next best thing to a real human (LOL)! Mr. Hartung, the Biotechnology teacher, had this to say about the lesson:

“The pumpkin dissection activity was to study the internal and external parts of a pumpkin fruit and learn more about the specific adaptations that help it survive and make it unique. We answered questions about each organ and their function as well as the history of the pumpkin plant originating from wild squash in Mexico thousands of years ago which was artificially enhanced through selective breeding methods that have led to the giant iconic fall fruits we adore today.”

The students enjoyed the activity. It made their Homecoming experience even better; as a result, they learned a valuable lesson. Great job, Mr. Hartung and Biotech students!!!!