CARE Day in Biotech!

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

Who knew that things could get pretty nasty in the Biotechnology Academy classroom, lab, and greenhouse! Well, the teacher and students figured out a way to rectify that ongoing problem–CARE Days in Biotech! CARE is an acronym for “Clean And Repair Everything”! This is a concept utilized by many in the hotel industry. The idea is to conduct several CARE days throughout the school year to keep the classroom and all of the lab equipment in tip top shape. Since the academy shut down (brick and mortar) in March of last school year, many aspects of the academy needs to be restored, replaced, or just cleaned. The pandemic makes going onto campus to implement CARE Day somewhat difficult: There can’t be more than 10 students present, and everyone has to follow the social distancing guidelines. Still, we had our first crew of Club Biotechers take care of business, and they are looking forward to the next opportunity to continue what they started.