Magnet Monday in JROTC–On the Way!


Jonathan Oakley, MCJROTC Instructor

A major part of academy life at Palm Beach Lakes Community High School is participation in Magnet Monday. On Magnet Monday, every academy student wears his/her academy gear. The basic idea is to have a sea of Carats, proudly, walking around and representing the various Choice programs at the school. This year is a bit different in that the newbies don’t have their gear as a result of the pandemic. The entire county began the school year remotely, so it was impossible to get the students in their uniforms. Now, we have blended attendance–some in school (brick and mortar) and some virtual.

With the combined online/brick and mortar learning, the MCJROTC is now issuing uniforms.  As we progress a little more slowly this year with COVID and other obstacles, the first year cadets are now getting the utility uniform.  The older cadets will be getting their uniforms over the course of the next week, and by November, all cadets will have their uniforms to wear; at least all that are coming to campus for school.