Fire Academy Debut

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

September 28, 2019 is a HUGE day for the Fire Academy at Palm Beach Lakes High School! The program is hosting a community event where it makes its official debut as an in-house academy at Lakes. JP Morgan Chase is the financial sponsor of the program and will get to meet the all of the cadets for the first time. The day will be filled with lots of fun and activities:

The event begins at 9am with an introduction of both parties–the academy (principal, teachers, and cadets) and its sponsors. Afterward, the academy students will take pictures on the fire truck, and the PBL fire apparatus will be used to wash cars (the academy’s first fundraiser). The cadets and their parents, friends, and guests will barbecue among other things.

In a nutshell, it is going to be a HOTTTTTTTT event for all. Please stop by to enjoy the festivities and to get your vehicle washed.