Heroes of Freedom Parade


Stacy Wakefield & Tera Hands, Fair Volunteer and Services Manager

This year the South Florida Fair partnered with Marvel and DC comics to provide authentic Superhero appearances each day of the Fair, January 18-February 3.  The exposition center is filled with displays related to the Superhero experience.

In addition to the exposition center displays, the Fair is depicting the theme throughout the grounds, and one of the highlights includes the daily parades.  Each parade will recognize local organizations, companies and individuals who have made a difference in our community because as we all know – “Not All Heroes Wear Capes.”

The Marine Corps JROTC at PBL had the distinct pleasure of walking in the Heroes of Freedom Parade on January 24.  It was a meaningful and yet thrilling experience for all of the cadets involved. After the parade, they all were allowed to stay and enjoy the fair!