Freshman Showcase

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

February 18 was the best day for the Five Carat Choice Program at PBL! The six academies took the whole day to present to their programs to the 9th graders who are not currently in an academy.

Kudos to Ryan Brisbane, Smith Laurent, Brett Lee, and N’Tella Paige, teachers of African American History, who allowed their Freshman students to attend the Choice presentations during their class time.  The senior Carats making the presentations were phenomenally on point; they enticed the students so that many of them could not make up their minds.  They were filling out applications for two and three programs!!! It was hilarious!

The purpose of the Freshman Showcase was to give those students a “last chance” to join an academy at Lakes. If the 9th graders with  completed and signed applications meet the GPA requirements and have room in their schedules, they will be placed in the program of their choice next school year.

It gives the Five Carat Choice Program great pleasure to welcome those new Carats for the 2019-2020 school year!