Lunch with Judge Barkett

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

Lakes Law had the distinguished opportunity to attend the November 26 Forum Club luncheon meeting featuring Judge Rosemary Barkett, former Florida Supreme Court Justice and 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge.

The students learned about Judge Barkett’s experiences in both capacities as well as the role she is playing now as a Judge of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal. Two Lakes Law students, Joshua Sands and Elajah Carty, were given the honor of asking the Judge two specific questions.  In answering, Judge Barkett was real, witty, and, in her own words, “flip.” The students, like the general audience, thoroughly enjoyed her.

In addtion to the fabulous and profound keynote address, Lakes Law was treated to a first-class, delicious lunch.  For this amazing experience, the Law Academy at PBL owes its gratitude to its event sponsors, Sarah Alsofrom of GL Homes and Kathryn Rossmell of Lewis, Longman, and Walker, P.A.! We are extremely grateful.