JFK Shows Love for FCCP!

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

Wednesday, October 24 was a very special day for the Five Carat Choice Program at Palm Beach Lakes.  The Choice Coordinator, Mrs. Hands, and several Carats (Amanda Pryce–Early Childhood; Rushelle Burrowes–Medical; and Susana Reyes–MC JROTC) had the wonderful opportunity to talk to the 8th grade students at John F. Kennendy Middle School.  The experience was thrilling; the students were well-behaved and interested in all of the academies that Lakes has to offer.

A real treat was seeing the alumni (now JFK teachers) who graduated from PBL: Patreka McKelton, Tomeka McKelton, and Ticondria Wimberly Whitaker (former Teacher Academy student)! The love for PBL was real, and it resonated the entire building.  What an awesome day it was…Looking forward to next year’s showcase.