Fire Academy at PBL

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

Who knew that Palm Beach Lakes would be getting such a cool academy–Fire Science.  This academy is the new Carat on the block, and the campus is buzzing with excitement.

While there are no students in the academy, there are plenty of prospects in the Health Science Anatomy and Physiology classes.  In January, these students–after receiving a semester-long introduction to the topic–will have the opportunity to apply for the Fire Academy.  The instructor, Michael Martinez, is hoping to start the program with 60 Freshmen.

Students now are learning about the new academy from Palm Beach State College instructor and fire fighter, Captain Mark Davis.  He teaches the HS1 A&P classes one day a week (every other week).  The students are liking the material, so the future of the PBL Fire Academy does, indeed, look bright.