Eyebrows, Anyone?


Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

This year, Palm Beach Lakes Community High School added a cosmetology program to the school’s buffet of career academies and elective classes. The class is taught by teacher and cosmetologist, Sabrina Davis.

Today, the students learned the art of eyebrow waxing. Tonea Hill, a fourth-year Law Academy student, was the subject in the class demonstration.  The class was able to observe the procedure and take notes about what they saw.  Ms. Davis explained, in detail, the numerous steps involved in waxing eyebrows.  In addition, she answered student and visitor questions as the came up.  The class was engaged in the hands-on lesson.  What a great job representing Career and Technical Education (CTE) as we head into CTE Month 2018 in February.

Stay tuned for what’s up next as our CTE teachers lead the way to student college and CAREER READINESS!