Locks Of Love


Rosa Leal, Spanish Honor Society Sponsor

For the tenth consecutive year, the Spanish Honor Society at Palm Beach Lakes CHS held a LOCKS OF LOVE event on Monday, December 11, 2017.

Every year, the sponsors adopt a new name. This year’s name is “Joy is giving Joy to others.” This name holds a special meaning, and students are encouraged to find the meaning in ALWAYS donating–not only at the time of the event. Posters were placed around our campus to encourage continuous donations.

This event is also very special since more people from the community–teachers, ex students, parents and siblings–donated hair. We believe that the word is being spread here at PBL, and our students are taking the message home and to their community about cancer, the side- effects of treatments on young children, and other conditions that cause long term or permanent loss of hair. This has become an annual event here at Palm Beach Lakes, and we are very proud to have created this tradition.