FCCP Open House


Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

The Five Carat Choice Program at PBL announces its 2017 Open HouseThursday, December 14 at 6 pm.  The event will take place initially in the Ram Auditorium for the general information session; from there, breakout sessions will be held in the different academy classrooms: Biotechnology Academy (8-115), Early Childhood Academy (5-101), Law Academy (1-149), Medical Academy (4-101), Teacher Academy (1-148), and Marine Corps JROTC (4-102).
The Media Center will be open for any students and parents wishing to take advantage and apply for one of the Five Carat Choice Programs.  For the delight of our guests, delicious and fruity, ice cups ($1, $2, and $3 sizes) as well as hot, Chick fil A sandwiches ($5) will be sold.
This is an open invitation for any and all interested 8th grade students in or near the PBL transportation zone. Please come out to learn why “It’s a great day to be a RAM!”