Voices of Unity Welcomes Dimensional Harmony

Leanora Wilkinson, Voices of Unity Director

We were blessed to host Boynton Beach High School’s renowned chorus Dimensional Harmony under the direction of Mr. Sterling Frederick (PBL C/O 90′) for a workshop that addressed the required benchmarks for our Florida Vocal Association assessments. I’ve attached a few highlights from the day. Our students sounded great, and I believe they are grateful for the experience.
And now my “Thank You” list:
Dr. McKeever and all Adminstrators for your support,
Faculty for signing off on TLE’s and releasing the students,
Mr. Tyrie, Mr. John, and Mr. Chris for helping me with setup on Monday and making sure the auditorium was suitable for guests,
Ms. Pugh for sharing the highlights of our day,
Mrs. Lowery for the helium for the balloons,
and those who are our cheerleaders behind the scenes–Every part big or small counts.
I appreciate the yes’s and the support, even if you may not understand the significance.