“The Legal Pipeline”…from Jeaga to PBL

Tera Hands
The Jeaga Recruitment Team!

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

The Law Academy students at Jeaga Middle School received a special visit from senior PBL Law Academy student, Lukens Rivil, on the day of the middle school’s Choice Showcase.  Lukens was a star student at Jeaga and was well-received by his former administrators, counselors, and teachers.  The easy communication between Lukens and the middle school law students just proves that the pipeline from Jeaga Law to PBL Law makes perfect sense!

A couple of other academies in FCCP were represented as well at the Jeaga showcase:  Biotech was represented by Juan Wiswell, and Medical was represented by Selina Bravo.  It was a day of fun and information.  We hope the receive many Choice applications from our feeder school–Jeaga Mustangs!