Got Caught “Blinging” Like a Carat!


Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator



Guess who got caught blinging like a true carat!   Choice instructors are always on the lookout for the best and the brightest in their respective academies.  Students are chosen as a result of their overall stellar performance and conduct.  Carats, keep being excellent; keep shining bright like a diamond! Below are the February and March 2021 Academy Students of the Month:

Tre Hands (Biotechnology Academy–12th) Tre is a fourth year academy student who has fully participated in not just the academy but also in the club. Most recently,  he starred in the Biotech recruitment video to entice this year’s freshmen to apply. He can always be called on to create an academy slideshow or to support the newbie operations of the academy. Great job, Tre!!!

Natalia Graham (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–9th) “Natalia has shown much improvement. Her assignments are completed on time; she is attentive and asks questions. She is always in class on time. Keep up the good work–I see you!” ~Mrs. Morris

Chloe McKellop (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–10th)Chloe is always on time with attendance and assignments. She is never too busy to help a classmate even though we are online. All round amazing student!” ~Mrs. Morris

Breanna Burnett (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–11th) “Breanna has come a long way. She has shown so much growth and achievement in our academy. Keep up the good work Breanna; I’m really proud of your achievements.” ~Mrs. Morris

Tashie Icon (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–12th) Tashie is an amazing student who has matured beautifully. She currently works as a Teacher’s Assistant at a preschool while continuing her studies virtually. She does not miss a class and her assignments are always on time. I am one proud teacher! Keep up the good work Tashie–you are amazing through and through!” ~Mrs. Morris

 Ava Ross (Law Academy–9th) Ava contributes to the class discussion, and she received straight A’s last semester. She has been a pleasure to teach. ” ~Dr. Van Treese

Jayden Sparkman (Law Academy–10th) Jayden has stepped up to be a witness in mock trial this year and has done very well in practice. Also, his classroom performance is always excellent. ”  ~Dr. Van Treese

Arnold Basquin (Law Academy–11th) Arnold contributes to class discussion and is a pleasure to teach. ”  ~Dr. Van Treese

Mariah Williams (Law Academy–12th)Mariah has really stepped up by acting as an attorney for both state and defense this year and has done a great job coming up with her questions and working with her witnesses. She [did] great at competition [last month]. Mariah is also applying to several top tier colleges; I can’t wait to find out where she ends up going. ” ~Dr. Van Treese

Keniyah Black (Medical Academy–9th)Keniyah is a great student. She works hard in class to get all her tasks and assignments done. She never gives any attitude or complains about anything when it comes to her academy. She is a great asset to our academy. ” ~Ms. McFarlane

Shirley Chun-Perez (Medical Academy–10th)Shirley is nominated for displaying the following: participating in class activities, following instructions, being engaged with the instructor, and performing well in her academics. She currently withholds a 97% A in the class. Very proud of this student! ” ~Dr. Holland

Alexie Cuaderno (Medical Academy–11th)Alexie shows great interest in her academy and club. She has shown mastery in all areas in my class. She has done well within HOSA and will continue to do great as she shows no signs of stopping. ” ~Ms. McFarlane

Jhemme Berduo Salas (Fire Academy–10th) “Jhemme earned his role as Company Captain and has been a great leader to his crew.  ” ~Mr. Martinez

Naijana Myers (Fire Academy–11th)Naijana has really shown out and shown up this last couple months. ” ~Mr. Martinez

Syaizia Fuller (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–9th)Syaizia has improved tremendously in her academics and participation. Keep up the good work!” ~Mrs. Morris

Floridalma Ramos Mejia (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–10th)Floridalma has excelled academically this year. She is attentive in class and is always participating. I’m so excited to continue to see her soar as a Student Teacher. ” ~Mrs. Morris

Micoja Jules (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–11th)Micoja has worked really hard this nine weeks to maintain good grades, attendance, and participation in both level 2 and level 3 classes, and she is volunteering at a daycare daily. Keep up the good work, Micoja! You are definitely a Star!”~Mrs. Morris

Laysha Perez-Morales (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–12th)Laysha is always on top of her assignments and internship. She has completed all of her required hours and is still interning and gaining valuable experiences. I’m so proud of the Student Teacher she is!” ~Mrs. Morris

Andre’anna Hodges  (Law Academy–9th)Andre’Anna has excelled academically, receiving straight A’s all year and is a pleasure to have in class for purposes of class discussion and comprehension of material. ” ~Dr. Van Treese

Shia Rozier  (Law Academy–10th)Shia received the Most Outstanding Advocate Award for the 15th Judicial Circuit Mock Trial Competition. This is an amazing accomplishment and is something that we all celebrate as an academy!” ~Dr. Van Treese

Zariah Saint Joas  (Law Academy–1th)Zariah was an understudy/alternate for a mock trial witness role. Although she did not compete at the mock trial competition, alternates are critical for the success of the program, so I want to acknowledge Zariah stepping up in this role. ” ~Dr. Van Treese

Shila Dictant  (Law Academy–12th)Shila did an amazing job at Mock Trial and has really stepped up her senior year. She received a scholarship to Lynn University, where she plans to attend next year. Additionally, she is hoping to receive a State Attorney’s Office Scholarship. ” ~Dr. Van Treese

Parrys Brown (Medical Academy–10th)Parrys is an awesome student. She is a joy to have in class–always attentive and hardworking. I can always count on her to complete her assignments on time and correctly. She takes so much pride in her work. ” ~Ms. McFarlane

Blessing Daleus (Medical Academy–11th)Blessing has worked hard within my class. There are time when she has struggled with the material, but she makes certain to have all her assignments completed on time, and she tries to assist me and others in any way that she can. She is always a joy to have in class.” ~Ms. McFarlane

Maria Maldonado (Medical Academy–12th)Maria has shown so much growth in the academy. Although she may have started the academy later than most, she has shown mastery in many areas. At the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, Maria was enrolled in three Medical academy classes. She has worked hard to pass all of her classes. ” ~Ms. McFarlane