Got Caught “Blinging” Like a Carat!


Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator



Guess who got caught blinging like a true carat!   Choice instructors are always on the lookout for the best and the brigh

test in their respective academies.  Students are chosen as a result of their overall stellar performance and conduct.  This year, in addition to their Student of the Month certificate, Carats will receive a fast food gift card donated by one of our RAMTASTIC Lakes Business Partners (Sean Pittman of Pittman Law Group, Nathan Collins (former principal of PBL), Latoya Rigsby (former teacher of PBL), and Keith Marshall (current AP at PBL).  Carats, keep being excellent; keep shining bright like a diamond! Below are the November 2020 Academy Students of the Month:

Mariya Brown (Medical Academy–10th) “Student holds a 100% A in the class, is always on time, and has been very interactive in overall.” Way to go, Mariya!

Shawn Sanon (Law Academy–9th) “Shawn participates consistently and enthusiastically during class and is an integral part of class discussion. He is clearly interested and passionate about the law and is a pleasure to teach.” ~Dr. Van Treese

Maria Cruz (Law Academy–10th) “Maria is very involved in our law academy and ran successfully for the sophomore member at large position on our executive board.” ~Dr. Van Treese

Zariah Saint-Joas (Law Academy–11th) “Successfully ran for Junior member at large for Law Club and was also accepted into the Path to College Fellowship and is taking advantage of all the program has to offer including SAT/ACT tutoring and college scholarship and application workshops. Zariah regularly attends these meetings and informs me that she enjoys it and is getting a lot out of it. I am very confident that she will benefit enormously.” ~Dr. Van Treese

 Alivia Latimore (Law Academy SENIOR) “Alivia has retained her Vice President position, and played an integral role in planning and executing our social mixer at the beginning of the year and will continue to play a vital leadership role in our academy, including Law Week. Of course, Alivia is always a star-she recently brought up her SAT score by 100 points and is a pleasure to teach, as she has always been for all four years I have had the pleasure of being her teacher and professor.” ~Dr. Van Treese

Jariyat Islam  “Cadet Islam has an 95% GPA and is the S-4 assistant for Per 4.” ~MCJROTC Instructors

Oshane Reid “Cadet has a 95% GPA and is the Battalion Commander.” ~MCJROTC Instructors

Zuri Miller-Whiteside (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–9th) “Zuri is a diligent student who goes above and beyond expectations to complete assignments and to also share in class. She is also always willing to help classmates who may be having a difficult time.” ~Mrs. Morris

Tre’Anthony Hardy (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–10th) “Tre is very insightful, thoughtful, and above all respectful to all of his classmates and myself. He is always on time and ready to share in class. It is really refreshing to have a young man in the Academy who dedicated and shows it.” ~Mrs. Morris

Daniella Delacruz (Early Childhood Teacher Academy–11th) “Daniella sometimes struggles, but she never gives up! She has the stick-to-it-ness that is super important in the field of education. She volunteers at the preschool everyday and is always excited to share her experiences with the class.” ~Mrs. Morris

Ameria Martin  (Early Childhood Teacher Academy SENIOR) “Ameria is dedicated to the field of Early Childhood. Her dedication shows in her work and her professionalism. She asks questions if she does not understand and helps others when she can. She brings spunk and life to our class. She will be an amazing teacher!” ~Mrs. Morris

Elijah Germain  (Fire Academy–9th) “Heart of a champion!” ~Mr. Martinez

Tyriez Cambridge  (Fire Academy–11th) “Gives maximum effort!” ~Mr. Martinez

Christopher Thomas  (Biotechnology Academy–9th) “Christopher is a real asset to the academy–He is smart and passionate as well as creative and innovative. His baby is the new Club Biotech committee he named, GreenTech. Wanna know what it’s main goal is…Just wait and see. It’s huge! Great job, CT!” ~Mrs. Hands

Brehanna McWhinney  (Biotechnology Academy–10th) “Brehanna is always willing to represent the 10th grade Carats at Club Biotech meetings. She has ideas and is not afraid to share them. I absolutely love the confidence she shows. Keep it up, Bre!” ~Mrs. Hands

Norly Joboham  (Biotechnology Academy SENIOR) “Norly created the Biotechnology Tik Tok video for the 2020-2021 recruitment season–A major task and undertaking! Thanks, Norly. I am looking forward to more contributions from you.” ~Mrs. Hands