Got Caught “Blinging” Like a Carat!


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Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

Guess who got caught blinging like a true carat!   Choice instructors are always on the lookout for the best and the brightest in their respective academies.  Students are chosen as a result of their overall stellar performance and conduct.  This year, in addition to their Student of the Month certificate, Carats will receive a fast food gift card donated by one of our RAMTASTIC Lakes Business Partners (Sean Pittman of Pittman Law Group, Nathan Collins (former principal of PBL), Latoya Rigsby (former teacher of PBL), and Keith Marshall (current AP at PBL).  Carats, keep being excellent; keep shining bright like a diamond! Below are the September 2020 Academy Students of the Month:

Kaylin Hunt is a 9th grade Biotechnology Academy student. According to her teacher, “Kaylin has been exceptionally positive and enthusiastic within the academy despite difficult circumstances.” This newbie has completely immersed herself in the academy is such a short time period. She is a member of the New Carat Network and Club Biotech’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week Committee. If her start is any indication of her finish, we can expect nothing but GOLD from this young lady! What a fantastic start, Kaylin!

Rheushawn Blake is also a 9th grade Early Childhood Academy student who is an OUTSTANDING student.  Mrs. Morris reports that this new Carat “stands out because he is always willing to answer questions” and to participate; as a result, he has a 100% average in the class! Love it, Rheushawn!

Chloe McKellop is a Sophomore in the Early Childhood Academy and is a great example of what an academy student should be. This student is always excited for class, and her enthusiasm infects all others around her. When asked, Mrs. Morris said that Chloe completes all of her assignments in a timely manner and maintains a perfect A … as in 100% A! Nice!

Maria Sierra is a Junior in the Early Childhood Academy.  Not everyone has the compassion and selflessness needed for this academy; Maria definitely does. She is not only a creative student who goes “above and beyond” in class and when completing assignments, but she is always “willing to help others” in class (brick and mortar AND virtual). Maria is an amazing Carat doing tremendous things–Nice job, Carat!

Laysha Perez-Morales is a Senior in the Early Childhood Academy.  It has been said that respect goes a long way. This is the idea that this Class of 2021 Carat lives by. Her teacher says that Laysha is always on time to class and is always RESPECTFUL! What a fine example she sets for the younger Carats in her academy! Character does, indeed, count!

Autumn McCray is a new Carat at PBL (Law Academy). As a 9th grader, she participates at a high level (especially as a virtual student) and produces excellent work. According to Dr. Van Treese, Autumn is enthusiastic about Law, so no doubt she has a bright future as one of the world’s leading and prominent lawyers. Go get’em, Autumn!

Shia Rozier is a 10th Grade Law Academy student who is by definition a true trailblazer!  When asked, “Why Shia?” Dr. Van Treese responded, “…because she is SHIA!” Adding more he said, “Shia is simply AMAZING!” Keep being that beacon of light at Lakes, Shia. We are super proud of you, Carat!

Phylesha Wilson is a Junior Law Academy student who is “always outstanding.” She is a treasure to the Law Academy because, as her teacher reports, she contributes passion and insight to every class discussion. What a remarkable Carat–Awesome stuff, Phylesha!

Alicia Jones-Pierre is a Senior in the Law Academy. She is an excellent student who represents the academy well in every way. Alicia is quiet yet powerful and “highly valued”. When we think of someone who is outstanding in an “all around” kind of way, we think of Alicia! RAMTASTIC in all things! Keep it up!

Justin Dixon is a Freshman Fire Academy student. The Fire Instructor, Mr. Martinez, says that Justin is extremely “enthusiastic” in class and online. Many students only display his level of excitement when they get to the more hands-on activities, unlike this newbie. He is all over every assignment like he needs it to breath. That spirit is exactly what we need in this academy. Super stellar job, Justin!

Emily Cantu is a Sophomore Fire Academy student who “gets the job done,” says Mr. Martinez.  This speaks to her academy-worthy qualities and character. Being responsible and dependable as well as hard working is essential for success. It is nice to see a Carat who has that mastered. Outstanding, Emily!

Uriel Rodriguez Velasquez is an 11th grader in the Fire Academy–a caring student who “does his best to do great work” and “does extra to help other to do the same, ” according to Mr. Martinez. What an incredible cadet!

Angel Garcia is a Freshman MCJROTC Academy student making positive noise this year.  She has a 97% average in her academy class! Nice job!

Anisa Kelly is a Sophomore MCJROTC Academy student who is also the class guide. In addition to leadership abilities, this cadet demonstrates strong academic ability as well–90% average in her JROTC class. Sweeeet!

Casey Lewis is a Junior MCJROTC Academy student. Learning to lead is a huge part of this program. This Carat is having no problem in this area. Casey is the Class Leader, leading  classmates by example–very important. Boasting a 93% average in JROTC, Casey is creating more opportunities down the road. Awesome!

Chenile Heslop is a Class of 2021 MCJROTC Academy student and Class Leader! This cadet sets positive examples for others to follow. Chenile is involved in school, in and out of the academy. Another noteworthy point is that Chenile manages everything while still upholding a stellar average in JROTC (96%). Oorah! That’s how to make things happen!