ECTA at Club Lunch Day–Nice!


Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

The first Club Lunch Day of the school year was a huge success!! The Choice program was eager to participate:

The Biotechnology Academy tempted everyone with Publix chicken and crispy fries.

The Early Childhood Academy made sure that students had a healthy choice of fresh and spicy fruit bowls with lemonade, sweet tea, and Arnold Palmers on the side.

The Fire Academy was determined not to be left out this year–The cadets prepared delicious wings in several different flavors and sauces to appease every taste bud and palette.

The Law Academy scurried over to Hook Chicken and Fish and brought back bowls of whole fried chicken wings for those who crave the famous H&F “Baby Powder” (IYKYK)!

The Medical Academy (HOSA) brought a little ISLANDĀ to campus with its curried chicken and rice–Of course, it was a big hit!

To round everything off, the Five Carat Choice Program had plenty of Chick-fil-A’s scrumptious chicken sandwiches to go around.

The September Club Lunch Day was truly the BEST ONE yet–Can’t wait til October!!!