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Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

One of the very first tasks teachers have (after attending tons of meetings) is to decorate the classroom and to make sure that it is “print-rich” with anything and everything (content related, of course) that is stimulating to students.

Under the instruction of Dr. Adams-Wiggan (Dr. A-Dub to her students), the Teacher Academy at PBL has mastered the art of creating an engaging and interactive classroom environment.  The students (9th to 12th) spent the first couple of weeks preparing their room to learn.  They erected everything from a “Word Pound Wall” to a “College Corner.”  The TA walls impel students to “pop out a good book” and to share the “goals” that they “have scored.”

These are just some of the creative ideas the TA has displayed throughout its classroom.  Great job, Future Teachers and Educators!